Admitted students must to apply for a Visa for all the countries they will visit. Visa applications must be done in sequence following the mobility track. The hosting university for each semester will provide support to obtain the Visa for the relative hosting country.


When: June/July, prior to arrival in Italy

  1. Visa application form
  2. Recent passport-style photo
  3. Passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date
  4. Proof of having been awarded a study grant by the Italian government, recognized foundations or cultural institutes, international organizations, foreign governments or universities. Where the amount of the grant is in need of supplementation to satisfy the required amount of means of support, economic resources can also be demonstrated by proof of available means of support for the stay in Italy of an amount not less than that established in Table A annexed to Ministry of Interior Directive 1.3.2000 or by:
  • Proof of personal or family resources
  • Bank or insurance warranty or equivalent credit document (bank letter of credit applicable in Italy) or traveller’s cheques or other
  • Documentation proving the availability of sources of income in Italy (by means of bank transfer or deposit from abroad)
  1. Declaration of the availability in Italy of appropriate lodgings as well as the funds necessary for repatriation, possibly to be demonstrated in the form of a return airline ticket
  2. Insurance coverage for medical treatment and/or hospitalisation, to be demonstrated by means of:
  • Consular declaration attesting to the applicant’s right to healthcare in the presence of specific agreements between Italy and the applicant’s country of origin;


  • Foreign insurance policy or one underwritten with Italian bodies or firms that must not include limitations or exception to the fees established for emergency hospitalisation.

Ecuador / Portugal / South Africa / Burkina Faso

Information will be shared with students at beginning of the Padova Semester (September 2023)