Delta del Po’ Residential Seminar

The delta Po residential seminar is one of the pivotal moments in the educational offer of the semester in Padova. For the students, it is one of the chances to reflect on local development in the field. The seminar consists in a three days field trip, and is a curricular activity linked to the programme of the course “Territorial development and GIS” (proff. Daria Quatrida and Micheal Hodgson).
The aim of the seminar is to guide students to learn through a hands-on experience as a setting for reflection on territorial processes. Students of SteDe program will have the possibility, together with the students of the master’s degree in Local Development (University of Padova), to encounter a very peculiar territory, to meet local people, to work in group and to reflect on the social, cultural and economic aspect of territorial processes.

The delta Po residential seminar participation fee is 60 euro (all inclusive).

The seminar is not compulsory: students deciding to not attend it will be provided with alternative tasks.