Main agroecological structure: integrations between agricultural practices and landscape ecology

Prof. Tomás Enrique León Sicard
Instituto de Estudios Ambientales – Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Dr. Federico Bigaran – Coordinator of the Ecovinegoals project – Autonomous Province of Trento – Rural Development and Policies Service
Dr. Luca Dalla Libera – Agenda 21 Consulting srl

Coordinator: prof. Massimo De Marchi, STeDe general director


The meeting with Tomas Enrique Leon Sicard allows us to learn about the index, which he developed, integrating geographical approaches, bio-ecological indicators and socio-cultural indicators to characterize agroecosystems. This is the Main Agroecological Structure (MAS): EAP in Spanish (Estructura Agroecológica Principal) or SAP in Italian (Struttura Agroecologica Principale).
The index is rooted in the relationship between agroecology and landscape ecology, addressing the new “Matrix of nature” paradigm, overcoming the dichotomies between nature conservation and urbanization of the world. We will see how Leon-Sicard’s multiscale approach, from farm to landscape, and the 10 indicators composing the MAS index represent an important contribution to the agro-ecological transition.


Prof. Sicard’s speech will be in Spanish, with slides in Italian