Landscape of Justice: agroecology, nature matrix, food sovereignty

In the framework of the welcoming week in Padova for the new students of the International Master in Climate Change and Diversity: Sustainable Territorial Development, we are glad to invite you to the webinar

Landscape of Justice: agroecology, nature matrix, food sovereignty

13th September 2022 | 15.00-17.00 CEST

Streaming online on our Facebook page

> Keynote: Ivette Perfecto, Natural Resources professor, University of Michigan

> Introduction and presentation: prof. Massimo De Marchi, University of Padova

Ivette Perfecto is James E. Crowfoot Collegiate Professor of Environmental Justice at the School for Environmental and Sustainability, University of Michigan. She teaches “Globalization and its Discontent: Struggles for Food, Water and Energy” and “Diverse Farming Systems (NRE 553). She is co-author of the books “Nature’s Matrix: Linking Agriculture, Conservation and Food Sovereignty” in 2009 (re-edited in 2019), and “Ecological Complexity and Agroecology” (2018). The conference will focus on the innovative concept of nature’s matrix, intertwined with the challenges of agroecological transition, food sovereignty, and social and environmental justice.

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