Scholarships and Funding opportunities

Batch 13 (2023/24)

For candidates applying to the first call (5 December 2022 – 10 March 2023):

Thanks to the support of the European programme Erasmus Mundus, every year, approximately 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available, distributed per academic path:

PATH 1: Climate change, sustainability, development / Cambio Climático, Sustentabilidad y Desarrollo (University of Padova and Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar; teaching languages: English and Spanish)

  • 5 Erasmus Mundus scholarships (maximum 15 places available)


PATH 2: Regional and local studies / Estudos Regionais e Locais (University of Padova and Universidade da Madeira; teaching languages: English and Portuguese)

  • 5 Erasmus Mundus scholarships
  • 10 Erasmus plus mobility scholarships available for the second semester > The scholarship will include:
    – subsistence allowance of 500 EUR/month for mobility to Universidade Da Madeira (II semester), max 6 months;
    – travel allowance of  275 EUR tot.


PATH 3: Territorial management / Aménagement du Territoire (University of Padova and Université Joseph Ki Zerbo; teaching languages: English and French)

  • 5 Erasmus Mundus scholarships (maximum 15 places available)


PATH 4: Environmental Management (University of Padova and University of Johannesburg; teaching languages: English and French)

  • 5 Erasmus Mundus scholarships (maximum 15 places available)

The scholarship confirmation will be sent in May 2023 to the selected students having signed the student agreement

The Erasmus Mundus scholarships allocation follows these criteria:

  • The resulting selection scores
  • The nationality, for an equal distribution of scholarships to students coming worldwide
  • Special needs: students with special needs will be considered overriding in the scholarship ranking

The scholarship holders comply with the following conditions:

  • have — at the date of enrolment — a first higher education degree (or demonstrate a recognised equivalent level of learning according to national legislation and practices in the degree-awarding countries)
  • be enrolled in the EMJM master course
  • not have already benefitted from a previous Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJM) scholarship”

Scholarships cover the cost of a student’s tuition fees, travel and living allowance

The EMJM scholarship covers the entire duration of the Master (24 months), through a monthly allowance of 1400 euros

Students with scholarships will have covered the tuition fees and insurance for the entire duration of the Master.

The scholarship allows students to cover the costs implicated in the Erasmus Mundus Programme, for

  • Visa
  • Travel costs
  • Installation and subsistence costs (food and accommodation)
  • All other costs

For every year there are around 11 additional places available with partial support and fee waiver, and other places for self-financed students. See details in the different paths’ descriptions.


>> If you are looking for alternative funding opportunities in order to sponsor your studies, please consult the following websites