Scholarships and Funding opportunities

For the 2020/2021 the program is not supported by Erasmus+ Scholarship

For candidate applying to the first call (October 2019 – January 2020), one scholarship is provided by University of Padova for an amount of 24.000 Euro, covering the 24 months of the program.

All applications will be considered for the Scholarship award. Scholarship are awarded to the best ranked applicant.

One scholarship is provided by University of Leuven with the following elements:
– deadline = February 15, 2020
– the scholarship is €10.000 but for STeDe students the amount is halved since the students stay only 1 semester
-in case of excellent results, the student can apply once more and can receive a second scholarship of €5.000 under the condition to choose KU Leuven as a host university for the 4th semester.

If you are looking for alternative funding opportunities in order to sponsor your studies, please consult the following websites