Communitarian feminism from Indigenous, Quilombola, African and Afro Ecuadorian perspectives

Conference Communitarian feminism from Indigenous , Quilombola , African and Afro Ecuadorian perspectives
– CAIANA | International Anti Racist Collective of ( Self ) Care among Activists –
10th November | 17.30 – 19.15 (Italian time); 13.30 – 15.15 (Bahia time)
> Introduction and presentation | prof. Massimo De Marchi (University of Padua)
Viviane D’Almeida – Popular Educator, São Paulo, Brazil
Tatipeppe_macuxi – Indigenous leader, Roraima, Brazil
Lucilene Kalunga – Quilombola leader, Goiás, Brazil
Dalila Macuácua – Coordinator of Youth feminist organization ASCHA, human rights activist, Mozambique
(Mamá Yama) Iza Cristina de Aguiar – Afro Movement of Azuay, Sacred Circle of Women, Ecuador
[Kick-Off Seminar of the International Joint Master’s degree in SUSTAINABLE TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT]
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