Selection procedure

  • Step 1: Receiving applications: 30 October 2019 – 31 January 2020 (First Call); 01 -30 April 2020 (Second Call); 05 May-10 June 2020 (Third call)
  • Step 2: Pre-selected candidates will be notified and a skype interview will be fixed
  • Step 3: All selected students, students on the reserve list and not selected will be notified by email by:  30 April 2020 (First Call); 10 June 2020 (Second Call); 6 July 2020 (Third Call)

Appeal procedure

Any complaint about the decisions of the “Selection Committee” must be produced by 7 days after the notification of the selection results.

The Appeal Form must be sent to the Consortium at the following address

Selection criteria

  • Academic excellence (x3 if more than 25 years old; x4 if  25 years old or less)
  • Professional excellence (x3)
  • interest in the topic of sustainable territorial development (x3)
  • English language proficiency (x1)
  • French language proficiency (x1)
  • reference letters (x1)

Applications are evaluated according to the following grading scale. Every score is multiplied for the above-mentioned multipliers.

Academic excellence – SCORE

5 MA + BA (with one or two distinctions – A/A+) [4 years degree] or BA A/A+
4 BA with B+
3 BA B
2 BA B-
1 BA C
0 Lower than C

Professional excellence – SCORE

5 Relevant for the program with publications /or relevant professional carreer-position
4 Long experience [1-2 years] and relevant for the program
3 Short experience [less than 1 year] relevant for the program
2 No experience but at least 2 internships (short work experiences)
1 Less
0 None

Language proficiency – SCORE (both for English and French)

5 Native tongue / C1
4 Not certified C1 (Previous university education conducted in English/French)
3 Certified B2
2 No certification but supposed B (B1/B2)
1 Less than B
0 Not in CV

Personal Statement (Questions 1&2) – SCORE

5 Effective, with a temporal dimension (linking past to present and future) and not individualistic
4 Effective but referring only to the present and individualistic
3 General with a temporal dimension (linking past to present to future)
2 General referring only to the present
1 Vague and confusing
0 Absent

Personal Statement (Question 4) – SCORE

5 To the point with references to projects or studies/publication
4 to the point with reference to details and specific elements
3 to the point but general and vague
2 with two examples but very general
1 only one example
0 absent

Letters of reference – SCORE

2 Both very positive/excellent (not vague) [preferably one from professionals, one from academics OR from two different institutions]
1 Only one positive
0 None

The application form is now available for the third call (5 May – 10 June).