Selection procedure

  • Step 1: Receiving applications
  • Step 2: Pre-selected candidates will be notified and a zoom  interview will be fixed
  • Step 3: All selected students, students on the reserve list and not selected will be notified by email

Appeal procedure

Any complaint about the decisions of the “Selection Committee” must be produced by 7 days after the notification of the selection results.

The Appeal Form must be sent to the Consortium at the following address

Selection criteria

  • Academic excellence (x3 if more than 25 years old; x4 if  25 years old or less)
  • Professional excellence (x3)
  • interest in the topic of sustainable territorial development (x3)
  • English language proficiency (x1)
  • Second language proficiency (choosing among French, Portuguese or Spanish) (x1) (A good command of the chosen path’s second language is required to be eligible. Please consider it for your choice)
  • reference letters (x1)

Applications are evaluated according to the following grading scale. Every score is multiplied for the above-mentioned multipliers.

Academic excellence – SCORE

5 MA + BA (with one or two distinctions – A/A+) [4 years degree] or BA A/A+
4 BA with B+
3 BA B
2 BA B-
1 BA C
0 Lower than C

Professional excellence – SCORE

5 Relevant for the program with publications /or relevant professional career-position
4 Long experience [1-2 years] and relevant for the program
3 Short experience [less than 1 year] relevant for the program
2 No experience but at least 2 internships (short work experiences)
1 Less
0 None

Language proficiency – SCORE (both for English and Spanish or French or Portuguese)

5 Native tongue / C1
4 Not certified C1 (Previous university education conducted in English/Spanish)
3 Certified B2
2 No certification but supposed B (B1/B2)
1 Less than B
0 Not in CV

Personal Statement (Questions 1&2) – SCORE

5 Effective, with a temporal dimension (linking past to present and future) and not individualistic
4 Effective but referring only to the present and individualistic
3 General with a temporal dimension (linking past to present to future)
2 General referring only to the present
1 Vague and confusing
0 Absent

Personal Statement (Question 4) – SCORE

5 To the point with references to projects or studies/publication
4 to the point with reference to details and specific elements
3 to the point but general and vague
2 with two examples but very general
1 only one example
0 absent

Letters of reference – SCORE

2 Both very positive/excellent (not vague) [preferably one from professionals, one from academics OR from two different institutions]
1 Only one positive
0 None

The first call for application will open on the 5th of December 2022!